Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Well, long time no post - apologies.

And it's an interesting point: when should you post to a blog, how often do you need to keep coming back to add new content?

Blogging is becoming more frequent here at work, and one of the issues that we're facing is what is an acceptable level of activity before we step in and say that a blogger needs to do something to keep it alive.

Maybe we shouldn't do anything...? The content that's already up there may be relevant to others, and that it's not being updated any more may not necessarily be an issue.

We're still working our way through this. There probably isn't a correct answer, and we're probably going to have to just suck it and see.


Andy Piper said...

Hi Bryan, still following you after the Blogging Summit in London. My take on this is that if they are "corporate" blogs or cover business topics then it is probably positive if people can keep them active, but every blogger goes through a lull from time to time (spot yours! :-) so I think it is acceptable if sometimes the updates drop off for a while. I don't think we mandate that people should do anything specific about rate of update within our corporate blogging guidelines... in many ways it is a personal choice.

Bryan Smith said...

Hi Andy. Thanks, yes it's a tricky one.

Mandating is pretty difficult, and we've found can have the opposite affect that we want - people are so afraid of the governance of their blog, and worried they may be pilloried for not managing their content, that they become afraid to even start.